Mayangsari Ownership Scheme makes lavish family holiday very comfortable with a unique rent-to-own scheme.

For flexibility, there is an exchange program where your allocated time can be split and exchanged for different time or even different resorts within the scheme. Upon settlement of the lease payments over 10 years, the sub-units will be yours to keep forever…that makes you and your family enjoy and share the memorable moment together for the whole life.

  1. BulletLifetime Scheme

  2. BulletOwned a Holiday Home

  3. BulletExchange with other resorts within the group

  4. BulletFlexible Choices

  5. BulletNo Up-keeping hassle

  6. BulletLow Prices

  7. BulletTransferable

  1. BulletAsset Appreciation

  2. BulletEarn extra cash from owner-gets-owner Program

  3. BulletImmediate Financial Incentives

  4. BulletWill

  5. BulletGift / Assign to Others

  6. BulletLow Investment

  7. BulletLow Maintenance Fee

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