Mayangsari Eco Resort

For those who love nature and its challenges, choose from among our fabulous eco-resorts.

All the eco-resorts are based on accommodation such as chalets, camp site, dorms or bungalows. Among others, we have Nur Lembah Pangsun Eco-Resort which is situated only 35 minute from Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Among the main activities it provides would be the rafting expedition, flying fox, war game, wall climbing and moonlite sonata.

Nur Lembah Lenggong Training and Recreational Village is located in Lenggong, Perak on the banks of Sungai Perak.

Famous for activities such as suspension bridge, cave exploration, and river crossing, it also provides historical tours for the history lovers. Another exciting eco-resort is Nur Bukit Hijau which is situated in Kedah.

Well-known among the corporate and government sectors for its motivational facilities, the main attraction here would be the waterfall, herbal garden with 250 different types of herbs, and jungle trekking through the tropical rain forest. Last but not least is Nur Bukit Unggul Eco-Resort.

Only 15 minutes from the government administrative centre, this eco-resort is equipped with its obstacle course, and many other recreational games which challenge the mind as well as body.

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